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Addiction can be a vicious circle and can spiral into a lonely and alienating time. The root of addiction varies from person to person, but the journey towards a better path is possible when you have support around you.


At Lighthouse Recovery Centers, we know and understand addiction, and that it is likely a symptom of a bigger issue. We take a holistic approach and treat all of you, not just your addiction. Our world-class drug and alcohol treatment program has been helping people overcome addiction and substance abuse for decades in the Los Angeles area and will help you take the first step onto the road of recovery.


Addiction is a battle you can’t fight on your own and at Lighthouse, you’ll never have to. Here, you can count on having a support team at your service at all times and accommodated no matter your situation. 


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We help everyone - maybe even someone you know - get over their addiction. Get in touch with us to find out about all the ways we can help you. Confidentiality is guaranteed and experts are standing by.

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